Until That Yellow Bird Returns [being bound]
100, 5-line poems by Tennessee poet Jeff Hardin, each on its own page, will be letterpress printed on dampened Arches Text paper beginning in the summer of 2014. Katie Baldwin has contributed eleven somewhat transclucent one-, two- and three-color line drawings that define each section of the book. This is a hand-sized, hefty volume of thought-provoking words. The binding is being designed by Anna Embree. Publication in 2015.

Billy Collins penned a sweet new poem and this is its first appearance. The miniature book measures 2.75" x 2.75", and has been letterpress-printed in three sections, sewn, consolidated, then wrapped in handmade paper. The entire book is printed and wrapped in four papers made at Papeterie St. Armand in Montréal. There are sixty-five copies for sale, signed by the author. Published Spring 2014.

Twelve Fables
A book of sweet fables by Rodney Jones accompanied by ten gorgeous bird nests by Dana Moore. The binding has been designed and largely executed by Anna Embree—sewn and enclosed in Indian handmade paper wrappers stiffened with thin boards. Fifty-five copies of this book has been printed on dampened Arches Text paper, and signed by both author and artist. Published Spring 2014.

Lion Froth Crown
is a collaboration begun in 2011, finished in 2013, and released in 2014 between author Cade Collum, bookbinder Anna Embree, letterpress printer Steve Miller, and artist Craig Wedderspoon. Weaving all the parts of this book together was a lengthy process. All four artists put their heads together to build the book out, beginning with the text. Some of the poems and drawings were printed on the translucent Neenah paper, so there is a subtle and sometimes dramatic relationship between pages, as parts of images or poems are revealed beneath the page being viewed. It was printed in Deepdene types in an edition of forty-five copies, plus nine artist proofs, on French Gray Grout and Neenah UV Ultra II papers, 6.25" x 9". One of Craig's drawings was letterpress printed on mysterious silver book cloth, and hand bound in boards by Anna. This book was made in Alabama! $375

To Sit With Animals
Linocuts by Sigfredo Mendoza with words by Mary Wehner.
Red Hydra Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2013. Edition of 40, signed by the poet.

2.75 x 2.75"; 18pp. Eight poems and eight linocuts. This miniature book was designed, letterpress-printed, and hand bound by Steve Miller. The text paper is from French Paper Co., and the paper wrapper is Mohawk cover. $75

Steve Miller: This is my fourth collaboration with Wisconsin poet Mary Wehner, and the second with Havana-born Sigfredo Mendoza. I met the artist while working on artist book projects in Cuba. He became a friend and has visited Tuscaloosa twice. On a recent visit I gave him eight linoleum blocks and asked him to cut them as he saw fit. I then sent proofs of the blocks to the poet, and, Voila!, a book was born.

Note to self: It is much harder to make a miniature book.

There Are Things Too Marvelous To Be Spoken Of
A tornado-driven miniature book in an edition of 22 copies, written, designed, letterpress-printed and bound in black Arches printmaking paper by Steve Miller. It includes two reduction linoleum cuts by the maker. 2" x 3". Spring 2012. nfs

The Dogs of Havana
Seven powerful, new poems by Cade Collum with eight skeletal linocuts by Cuban artist Julio César Peña Peralta, is now available. 7.75" x 5.25". This is a collaborative book work between an Alabama poet, a Cuban artist, and an Alabama printer in 2008. Edition of 75. $250

In the interest of getting the poems and images to a broader audience, this book is also available as a free Adobe Acrobat .pdf download (13.96MB).

...or the opposite
A gathering of a fifteen new poems by Mary Wehner, with as many drawings by Jane Marshall, is now available. The production has been an extensive one, and we are very proud of the final work. 2007, $175

In the interest of getting the poems and images to a broader audience, this book is also available as a free Adobe Acrobat .pdf download (3.10MB). Listen to Wehner read from ...or the opposite.

This book by Dan Kaplan is now available in a bilingual edition of three new poems translated into Spanish by Maria Vargas, with linocut illustrations by Cuban artist Julio César Peña Peralta. A handsome handmade paper envelope encloses the chapbook. Just a few copies are still available. $175

By His Own Labor, The Biography of Dard Hunter
Cathleen A. Baker, biography of the great papermaker, paper historian, and Renaissance book artist Dard Hunter, 2000. Prospectus (55 KB Adobe Acrobat file)

Unfolding The Tablecloth of God
Poem chapbook by T Begley & Olga Broumas, illustration by Pinkney Herbert, 1995. nfs

The Search For A True History of Alabama
Howell Raines, 1994. Illustrated chapbook. $65

The Hours
Richard Foerster. Wood engraved illustration by John DePol. Poetry chapbook, 1993. $45

Six Pieces of Wood
Steve Miller. Chapbook with wood engraved illustrations by John DePol, 1992. nfs

Death's Door
Thom Gunn, chapbook of poems illustrated with gravestone rubbing, calligraphy by Anita Karl, 1989. nfs

Red Hydra Press core page

Limited edition handmade books, broadsides,
& ephemera designed and printed by Steve Miller.
Special thanks to the late John DePol for his
Red Hydra wood engraving.


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