A poem by Florida poet Suzannah Gilman, encircled by a pen-and-ink drawing by Jane Marshall. Red Hydra Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama: 2013. Edition of 50, signed by the poet.

11.25 x 12.25”. This broadside was designed and letterpress-printed deploying SangBleu types by Steve Miller. It is presented in two blues and a black on luxurious white Rives BFK, a substantial printmaking paper. $35

Steve Miller: The first time I read the poem I was struck by the sense of words circling back on themselves—a very loving and quiet poem. I challenged Jane Marshall to circle around the poem with a wash of imagery. She sat at our kitchen island and drew all day. I chose the very first drawing she did for its raw qualities, and was pleased with how it translated through letterpress in a silvered blue.

A Murder
Poem by Mary Wehner, floating on handmade paper stenciled crows by Paul Wong. Red Hydra Press, Tuscaloosa: 2012. Edition of 6, nfs.

9 x 12” . This broadside is a triple collaboration, between letterpress printer Steve Miller, poet Mary Wehner, and artist papermaker Paul Wong. Printed in metal types in June, 2012 while we were teaching at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. 6 copies, nfs.

Steve Miller: The day we arrived to teach at Penland School of Crafts,I challenged poet Wehner to write about the ubiquitous crows in the mountain valley. Once there were terrific words I spoke with Paul Wong, master papermaker from Dieu Donne in New York City. He created a stenciled handmade paper that reflected the poem that had been set in metal type.

Broken Shells at Dusk
A "Poem Print", with evocative words by the Wisconsin poet Mary Wehner, and a stone lithographic print by artist Pollyanna Fernández Fernández. It was designed and letterpress-printed in two colors in both English and Spanish, on dampened Somerset printmaking paper, 16" x 24". The lively translation is by Maria Vargas.

After poems and titles were printed, the sheets were hand-carried to Havana, Cuba. At Taller Experimental de Gráfica a multi-colored stone lithograph was created and meticulously printed by artist Pollyanna Fernández Fernández as a counterpoint to the words. This striking image elegantly invades the typography. The sheets were then hand-carried back to Alabama. There are thirty numbered copies with twelve for sale, signed by both author and artist, and marked with the chop of the Taller (the colophon is on the back of the sheet, with signatures on the front). Red Hydra Press, June 2009. $125

This is a marvelous poem by Billy Collins, heard by the printer on National Public Radio. It mixes together the Gutenburg Bible, printing, sheep and vellum in a limited edition poem broadside. The drawing is by Birmingham artist Jane Marshall. "Flock" is letterpress printed in three colors on dampened handmade paper. 11" x 16" with 59 numbered copies signed by the author, June 2009. $50

"The first time I took a proof...". This Vandercook celebration piece was printed on a Vandercook 4 Proof Press (#18718) in an edition of 110 copies. The paper is Mohawk Cover, the print is a reduction linocut (suicide block), the digital type is Cailfornian from Lanston Type Company via P22 and printed from photopolmer plates, 8.5" x 11". August 2009. nfs but available as a .pdf file.

Evening Song
A poem broadside by Joy Harjo, letterpress-printed over an Epson-printed image of a moth on sand, 14" x 11". Forty copies were created September 2009. The edition was made for a Longwood University print portfolio. nfs

The Breather
A 2008 poem broadside by Billy Collins, former US poet laureate, with an evocative painting by Dana Moore. Linotype Weiss type was cast by John Horn at Shooting Star Press, where Miller printed this piece. 11" x 17". 55 copies. $50

A podcast interview with Steve Miller, by Robin Dreyer at The Penland School of Crafts coffee house in North Carolina, November 12, 2007.

A Poem
Tomaz Salamun as translated by Christopher Merrill & the author, with a linocut by Carlos Ayress Moreno (Havana, Cuba). Chapbook, printed in support of and celebrating the Black Warrior Review and 30 years in print, 2004. For sale by BWR.

The Chinese Painting
Mary Wehner, stunning poem broadside, 2003. Illustrated by Jane Marshall. See five of Wehner's new poems online at ZinkZine. $25

The Names
Billy Collins, poem broadside reflecting on September 11th. This was made in 2003 and proceeds from its sale benefit Guiding Eyes For The Blind. prospectus (Adobe Acrobat file).

Billy Collins, poem broadside, 2003, created for the Library of Congress Centers for the Book, nfs

New Orleans
William Faulkner, poem broadside, 1997. Illustration by the late New Orleans artist John Scott. Created for the benefit of the MFA in the Book Arts Progar at The University of Alabama. $500

At the Cove
Richard Foerster, poem broadside with woodcut by Michael Fallon, 1996. nfs

Photograph of Lynda As Akhmatova
David Wojahn, 1994. Linocut by Georgia Deal. Single folded bound sheet. $45

The Gift
Poem broadside by Marc Burnette, 1994. Illustration by Desmond Lim. $35

Eclipse: II
Tomas Salamun, poetry broadside illustrated by Steve Miller, 1988. Printed for the Bankhead Visiting Writer's Series at The University of Alabama. nfs

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